National Short Story Week

This week (17th-23rd November) is National Short Story Week

The aims of which include:

to get more people reading and listening to short stories


to get more people writing short stories

I recently enjoyed reading Zoe Gilbert’s post addressing the question ‘Are writers the only – or the best- readers of short stories?’

and loved this analogy:

‘all really good short stories, even ascetic, simple, realist ones, should be treated like rich desserts, to be pondered over and definitely not followed by every other pudding on the menu. Otherwise, all those complex flavours are lost.’

Her conclusion was that:

‘You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy great short stories. I think you just have to understand what they are. ‘

I will definitely read some short stories this week. Looking at my bookshelves, I only have a few contemporary short story collections. These can be seen on my Pinterest board (pathstothepast)‘Short story collections – read’

So I just need to decide whether to go back to those stories I’m familiar with, or try some classic short stories instead. Maybe by F. Scott Fitzgerald (hence the image of the dustjacket for ‘Tales of the Jazz Age’ at the top of this post) or Anthony Trollope or Thomas Hardy….

As for writing short stories, I will also take a look at a couple of stories that I’ve started but not finished.

Certainly more comfortable writing nonfiction, I thought ages ago that I ought to give fiction a try, and chose the short story form to start off with.

This week is the ideal opportunity to review and even complete at least one of those stories.

What will you do for National Short Story week?